How Does AI Differ From a Design Studio in Assisting You?

How Does AI Differ From a Design Studio in Assisting You?

Although it may seem strange that a design company is asking this question, we feel it’s an important one when it comes to design and content creation. After all, why would you spend money working with a professional when you can produce quality content from the comfort of your home office for free?


A Hard Truth

From text production to chatbots to translating speech, AI is now an important part of our modern world. Moreover, big tech companies have to use it in order to compete with other companies (Apple, if you read this). Not long ago, it was something unknown to the majority of people, but nowadays, everybody can tell you at least a few ways it is being used.
Is AI bad or good? Let’s rephrase the question… Is AI really beneficial to us and our creation and content needs?


The Benefits of AI

From a creation studio standpoint, AI is a timesaver and an unstoppable idea machine. Fed with the whole world wide web for a database, it can find, in a matter of seconds, a dusty idea from an old designer back in the 50s’, update and make some changes to it, and serve it to you on a silver platter.
But that’s not all. Consider the example of the Google Pixel smartphone. From image retouching to content creation, message enhancement, audio summarization, and beyond, it is all conveniently at your fingertips, ready to use on the fly and up-to-date. This tool offers convenience whenever and wherever you need it. But beyond expediting restaurant reservations or creating photo filters, what else can it accomplish?


Is AI Limitless?

So it seems. When asked if AI is up to date, the most common answer is that Gemini has internal knowledge that comes from the dataset and, therefore, has a cutoff date (much like ChatGPT).
In order to have the most up-to-date information, Gemini needs to search the internet. Of course, Gemini can answer you without searching. When you use Bing/Copilot, you can see Bing searching for terms, which is really cool. For some reason, Google has decided to hide that process, so we don’t know if Gemini searches before answering. So far, not so good. Gemini might inform you that the iPhone 15 hasn’t been released since this blog article was written.


AI Has Limits

Of course, dozens of bloggers will agree with this sentiment. AI is a reflection of our own creativity. It can manipulate what we have created and rearrange what we write. However, it requires an initial spark, akin to when a painter gazes at a blank canvas with paint tubes in hand. It will always lack emotional intelligence.


Why Is Emotional Intelligence Necessary?

AI does most of the job, right? You just feed it with all the details about your company and theme idea, and it will craft the perfect business profile. Yes and no. AI, as discussed earlier, bases intelligence on already created content and existing design and rearranges it to make it new. It is just recreating an idea, like heating up a half-eaten burger that’s been sitting in the fridge and adding a few more toppings to it.
It’s crucial to know if AI has sought input from the user.

You want to know if these ideas have been assessed:

  • What’s your vision?
  • What’s your mission?
  • What’s your goal?
  • What’s your history?
  • Why do you want to use particular colors?
  • Have you considered changing your font to align more with your service?
  • Are the message and tone right for your customers?

These questions may seem simple. But they are crucial when it comes to branding your business.


What Now?

If you are an active internet user, you will agree that we haven’t seen the end of AI. Surely, in the near future, AI will do more for us than we could imagine, but it will still be a reflection of us, of our creation, and of our design. Since AI is incapable of experiencing emotions, creations generated by AI will inevitably lack emotional depth and the human touch.

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