Account Director
Adaptability, curiosity and diligence have enabled Seth to learn several skills from a variety of fields.
Starting in the construction field during his senior year of high school, he learned how to communicate with co-workers and clients in order to accomplish a shared goal. Cooperating among team members while motivating them meet deadlines are strengths Seth developed while working in construction and manufacturing from Northern California to Brooklyn. During an economic recession, Seth started a side business taking care of swimming pools. His little pool side gig grew into his main income and for 8 years he owned and operated a swimming pool repair and maintenance business. As the sole owner and operator, he wore many hats. Advertising, billing and client relations were some of the skills necessary while still accomplishing the work of repairing and cleaning pools. His business was a success due to his work ethic, attentions to detail and honesty with clients.
Being able to communicate and solve issues with a calm and collected demeanor is an important skill Seth has exercised in many fields both secular and charitable.
Seth is eager to help you solve a problem. Feel free to drop him an email!


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