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Copy Writers

Taiye and Kelly Alowonle are the invaluable copywriters at Productions Design, specializing in the art of crafting precise, impactful, and engaging content for a diverse range of documents, plans, profiles, and social media posts. Their expertise lies not only in storytelling but in the mastery of language to convey information concisely and effectively across various formats. Kelly possesses a remarkable talent for transforming complex concepts and information into clear and easily digestible documents. Her ability to distill intricate details into comprehensive plans and profiles is highly regarded within the team. Her articulate writing style ensures that every piece of content is not only informative but also structured to convey the intended message with clarity. On the other hand, Taiye’s strength lies in his meticulous approach to crafting content that strikes the perfect balance between precision and engagement. His expertise in drafting social media posts that resonate with audiences while aligning with brand objectives is exceptional. He ensures that each post is not only attention-grabbing but also communicates the essence of the brand effectively within the confines of social media platforms. Their collaborative efforts result in a seamless blend of information and creativity, offering content that is not just informative but also resonates with the intended audience. Their adaptability and ability to understand the specific requirements of each project make them invaluable assets in the production of documents, plans, profiles, and social media content. Taiye and Kelly’s dedication to delivering high-quality content, tailored to suit the needs of clients, solidifies their role as integral members of the creative team at Productions Design. Their commitment to precision and effective communication through written content ensures that every piece they produce serves its purpose with finesse.


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