Graphic Designer

Wesley is PD’s chief graphic designer with more than ten years of experience in digital, print, and logo design.

Working with PTI owners Jason and Mark for over a decade, Wes has created a synergy that allows PD design practice to have a quick workflow. All of this is to great advantage to PD clients.

Wesley is skilled in billboards and vehicle wraps and experienced in video editing motion graphics.

His artistic eye allows him to create stunning designs that are simply easy on the eyes. True to Productions Design’s mission statement, Wesleys’s wide range of skills enables him to take on different types of projects at once without any issues or delays—always giving what’s needed.

Wes enjoys traveling and use those experience in designs. Constantly looking for patterns and how lines are seen in the world around us. This past year he was struck by the trails in southern Nebraska left over a hundred and seventy years ago. Trails left by covered wagons that cut deep lines in the earth—trail lines that started train lines, telegraph lines, electrical lines, and highway. Reach out to Wesley to help you on your design journey.


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