Creative Director

Jason’s design experience comes from the early age of 15, being one of the youngest to attend Victor School, a summer photography school owned by nationally known photographer Al Weber and director of workshops for the famed Ansel Adams. The fire lit a vision he still has today.

In the 1990s, Jason owed several photography studios, with a primary interest in portrait work.¬†Jason’s external collaboration with owners, patent holders, engineers, and other developers has been his strength. For nearly two decades, responsibilities included product development from soft market launches, testing, and marketing management. This included an internal team of photographers, web designers, and graphic artists. In the past, much of his work has been in the concrete polishing industry. He is the author of the GP9, Nine Elements of Green Polishing, which has become a practice adopted by the industry.

His expertise has brought over 20 products to market, primarily focused on a “green” (sustainable, economical & versatile) approach to the concrete industry. In addition, he has enjoyed discerning the underlying problems and presenting solutions encountered by design professionals & owners on projects nationwide.

Returning to the U.S. after six years abroad, living in France, Jason has found a renewed sense of design inspiration. His new vision shapes what Productions Design produces and how we work with our clients to bring their ideas into reality.

Jason welcomes the opportunity to help you get “The Direction you Need” on your next project.


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